cropped-dad-headshot.jpgDear Neighbors,

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your city council member for the past 15 years. Since I joined council in 2004, we have worked together to meet challenges and celebrate the successes that have made St. Anthony what it is today. As I talk to many of you, a common theme has emerged: we love St. Anthony. We, as residents, love the benefits that come with a small, vibrant, full-service community that we are thankful to call home. Examples include:

  • The safety and security that comes from our dedicated police department
  • An average emergency response time of 2:22 from our fire department
  • The attention to detail provided by public works staff (snowplowing, street sweeping, park maintenance, etc.)
  • An excellent school system

I ask for your continued support as I seek the office of mayor of St. Anthony Village. As your mayor, I will lead by supporting transparency and enhanced communication efforts. Examples already in place include:

  • Coffee with Council every third Saturday of the month
  • Our email push notification program
  • A robust website
  • Social media platforms
  • The quarterly newsletter
  • Community gatherings such as Night to Unite and

Residents have a standing invitation to call or email me, attend council meetings, or even reach out as I walk through our neighborhoods. I look forward to the benefits of partnering with the school district as we share a newly hired communications coordinator. I envision creating a time before council meetings (6:30–6:50) to listen to your concerns and ideas. Also, I hope to engage with all faith-based communities to keep lines of communication open.

I pledge to continue to invite and encourage innovation and to always look to do things better for all residents. On the reverse side is a partial list of city accomplishments from the past 15 years. But we cannot stop there. Together, as residents, we will maintain our GreenStep 5 status and continue to practice environmental stewardship. We, as residents, must continue to invest prudently in our city, preserving and protecting our property values. We, as residents, must welcome our neighbors and expand our friendships.

These are exciting times for our city, as we are on the cusp of significant development that may occur in the next few years:

  • Doran Development is proceeding toward redeveloping the Walmart site into market-rate multifamily housing.
  • The city proactively acquired the vacant gas station on the southeast corner of Stinson and 39th Ave., which is poised to be a continuation of the Silver Lake Village redevelopment that began in 2003.
  • Developers continue to engage with the city about the Bremer and former bowling alley sites on the south end of town.

St. Anthony has been a leader in affordable housing development as recognized by the Dougherty Mortgage Affordable Housing Study, and other cities have followed suit. Our Comprehensive Plan addresses the goal of not only meeting but exceeding the Met-Council’s recommendation of 152 affordable housing units over the next 10 years. Sixty-four percent of our existing housing stock is considered affordable by the Met Council, and 16% is deeply affordable, compared to 11% in the seven-county region. We recognize that this is not enough. We cannot ignore the need to add affordable, workforce housing to our housing stock, and we need to take a thoughtful and measured approach as we respond to this regional and national issue.

No one person can do this on their own. Residents, city staff, and council need to continue to work together as we travel on this positive trajectory. Together, let’s improve St. Anthony. I ask for your vote on November 5th to do just that. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me at 612-788-3235 or

With gratitude for your support,

Randy Stille